April Fool’s Game Jam

In 2016 and 2017, I organized and held a game jam called April Fools’ Game Jam. I collected all of our sponsors for prizes and meals, from local, national and international sponsors. I was the event host, and worked with Youngstown modern art museum, McDonough Museum of Modern Art to hold the 48 hour event in their building.

I set up so the event’s presentations could be live streamed to YouTube, and contacted game developer veterans for each of the years’ keynote speakers. Mike Geig from Unity was for 2016 and Jesse Schell from Schell games in Pittsburgh for 2017. In 2017, Mayor John McNally came to view everyone’s work.

Both years were very successful, with 50+ attendees and lots of local news coverage. Another achievement was having 25% of the attendees being female, which is a high percentage for game jams.

Below are all of the pictures and videos from both years’ events.


Link to the Game Jam info site for 2017

Link to the games that were made for 2017


Link to Game Jam info site for 2016

Link to the Game Jam Guide for 2016

Link to the 2016 Sponsors




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