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I’m a game designer in Youngstown, OH with 13+ years of professional game industry experience. I’m currently on Youngstown State University’s advising team to develop their game development Major and Minor programs, with the Minor starting this fall. I am also a program director for Interactive and STEM education through a non-profit called Oak Hill Collaborative, where I work with people to become educated in computer technology, from beginner to expert workshops and classes.

My primary focus with game development is designing, building, and scripting various forms of game player and non-player mechanics with a goal of creating a fun and unique experience for the players. I also enjoy creating seamless UI/GUI to flow well with the game style while also being easy to navigate for the player. Basically, I like to make games fun and engaging for the game player.

I thrive in creative and collaborative environments where hard work and passion for making great games is valued, which is why I founded the Youngstown Game Developers in Youngstown, OH and how I became associated with Oak Hill Collaborative. My strong technical background and easy to get along with personality has helped me to become the developer and leader I am today.

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