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I’m a game designer and marketer in Youngstown, OH with 13+ years of professional experience. I am the Technical Director for Interactive and STEM education through a non-profit called Oak Hill Collaborative, where I work with people to help them become educated in computer technology, from beginner to expert workshops and classes, students and adults. I am also the administrator and editor for Youngstown Game Developers’ website, where I work with people who want to write articles on game development, I write articles on game development, and I keep track of the SEO and analytics for the website.

My primary focus with game development is designing, building, and scripting various forms of game player and non-player mechanics with a goal of creating a fun and unique experience for the players. I also enjoy creating seamless UI/GUI to flow well with the game style while also being easy to navigate for the player. Basically, I like to make games fun and engaging for the game player.

With marketing, I am an expert with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital analytics to help user’s have the best experience possible. I am also an expert with graphic design, having worked on many projects, including logos, digital advertisements, and commercials

I thrive in creative and collaborative environments where hard work and passion for making great games is valued, which is why I founded the Youngstown Game Developers in Youngstown, OH and how I became associated with Oak Hill Collaborative. My strong technical background and easy to get along with personality has helped me to become the developer and leader I am today.

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