This is the logo for my indie game company.


Kiss My White Ash Baseball Bats


Karma-Mellon Brandy Wine


Planeta 33, Univision Station 33 TV Segment


Mahoning Valley Real Estate Investors Association


Monkey Wrench Custom Computer Gear


Magic Fundraiser: Magician Chris Rose School Fundraising Program


Canfield High School Cross Country Summer Program



Blondie’s Buttery Brittle


Austin Park – Mock Up Logo


April Fools’ Game Jam 2017


Austintown Intermediate School Yearly Theme Logo


Mock Up Wine Bar Logo


Mock Up Tech Company Logo


Mock Up Gym Logo

Mock Up Restaurant Logo



4 Logos for Eimear Studios Websites:

Eim-Games, Youngstown Game Developers, KC Designs, Monkey Wrench Custom Computers


Save Me From Myself Game Logo


Epicurus Unvorsum Game Logo

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