Graphic Design

Kendra Corpier graduated from The Art Institute of Phoenix in 2006 with a BA in Game Art and Design. With her 14 years of professional experience, she has completed digital works for many organizations including Univision Television, THQ Inc games, Betz Software, Eim-Games, Youngstown Game Developers, Oak Hill Collaborative, The Vindicator, Lucid Interactions, and GoDaddy.

Wanting to challenge herself, Kendra stepped away from working for a company to work and collaborate on projects that inspire her through contract and freelance opportunities. Kendra founded the Youngstown Game Developers in her hometown of Youngstown, OH in order to promote the game industry and help others get into the industry to achieve their dreams.

Hosting many game jams, mentoring students for their professional school projects, and guest judging technology events, Kendra has had quite the career adventure. She also had the pleasure of teaching STEM for K-12 students, conducting a now published STEM research project with Youngstown State University, and becoming a professor for Graphic Art and Design.

Kendra also enjoys giving presentations and lectures for various educational institutions and is a member of the International Game Developers Association, as well as the Freelancers Union.

many faces of kendra corpier

Besides work, Kendra also enjoys attending expos and events, traveling and going out with friends. She also loves hoodies and hats and will share her food if you ask nicely.