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Kendra is an established interactive game designer and developer. She founded Youngstown Game Developers, a networking and resourcing group for all game developers and aspiring game developers for research and development in 2014.
She lead the group and helped it grow through workshops, speech panels, Meetups, networking and reaching out to the Youngstown, OH community. In 2017, she stepped down as the Lead Organizer and worked with the new Lead Organizer to split the group to allow more focus on development and research.
Kendra took lead as Admin for the website to focus on research and outreach to other communities to enhance the networking abilities of the group, and grow the game development industry in Youngstown, OH.
In 2016, she was approached by a fellow networking friend in Cleveland, and was offered to become an adjunct professor of online classes for Game Design and Graphic Design. Kendra uses the Blackboard teaching system, along with and communication via Blackboard’s discussion forums to effectively interact with her students online.
In 2018, Kendra was granted an opportunity to attend Youngstown State University to start her Master’s degree in Computer Science and Information Systems on a fully funded scholarship. She works with the professors to help and advise on their game development curriculum. The minor curriculum was approved for Fall 2019, and are now working on goals for the major. Kendra is scheduled to teach a Game Programming course in Fall 2019 at YSU.
She also work with K12 schools with a research project and non-profits to observe how k-12 students learn STEM programs in an effort to increase demand and interest in STEM education programs, specifically in Computer Science.
Feel free to contact me with questions or game dev/art contracts.



phone: 330-599-8917