My Other Sites and Blogs


Eim-Games is Kendra’ indie game developer website. She posts about developing games, supporting other local indies, struggles, accomplishments and more on her blog. She also posts links to download and play the games she has made are helped make over the years. She has been making games as an indie dev since 2012, with previous 6 years of experience with creating games, applications, websites, and graphic designs. She started with Flash and Actionscript 3, and has moved on to coding with C# (Unity), Javascript (Unity), and HTML5 (Construct 2).

Youngstown Game Developers

Youngstown Game Developers is a networking group of game developers from Youngstown, Ohio that Kendra co-founded. She is currently the lead organizer and moderates posts from guests and members, writes posts and tutorials about game development and organizes events like the yearly April Fools’ Game Jam. Through this organization, Kendra has been featured on multiple local news networks and works closely with the Oak Hil Collaborative. #YGD was launched in October 2014 and has grown considerably across the social networks with continual growth in the game development communities.

Monkey Wrench Custom Computer Gear

This is a shop website created for Kendra and her fiance, Shawn’s love of building PCs. This hobby turned side business is a fun way to build custom computers for gamers and game developers, or whoever would like to order a custom computer. This officially launched in April 2017.

KC Indie Game Design

This is Kendra’s freelance website where she posts rates for game developers looking for some help in creating and marketing their games.