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Kendra Corpier Interactive Designer and DeveloperKendra has been creating art ever since she could hold a pencil and has shown an interest in game development since she picked up her first controller in the early 1980’s. From the fine arts to the technical arts, and game development to interactive media, Kendra has been using these tools her whole life.

Professionally, Kendra has been working in the interactive media and game development field since she graduated college in 2006. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Game Art and Design and is now teaching as an Adjunct Professor with Game Design, Photoshop and Illustrator classes.

Kendra has devoted the majority of her life to the game development and interactive graphics field. Besides teaching, she founded a game developer networking group in Youngstown, Ohio in December 2014 and was the leader of the group through December 2017. She gives speeches on game development to students and peers at colleges and high schools and volunteers as a mentor for graduating seniors to help them with their final projects.

During her free time, Kendra enjoys working on her own indie game prototypes and works as a freelancer for other game developers and interactive media. She also writes articles on game development for other blogs and for her own websites:

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