Save Me From Myself

Save Me From Myself is a concept project I worked on to test some theories for gameplay of the player, based on what age group or generation the player was from.

I developed the game as a simple sidescroller, offering some basic mechanics, like jump, hidden easter eggs, collecting objects and coins, double-jump. I displayed the game in a booth at an Expo called GDEx, in Columbus, OH. I then just observed people playing the game.

All in all, people enjoyed it, after all the game itself is a classic style of a Mario Bros. sidescroller. What I observed, however, was very interesting, primarily with the double-jump. There is a collectible coin, where the only way to get it is to double-jump. People about 30 years of age and older, instinctively, I assume a skill from the classic arcade days, would jump, see the jump was not high enough, and attempt a double-jump. People under the age of about 30 would get to this coin, jump, and then jump while trying to hold the button longer to jump higher.

It was an interesting generation of gameplay mechanic differences. I assume that the people 30+ years of age, like myself, just know to try and double-jump since that was typically a mechanic from the classic arcade style games. But, with advances in technology, graphics and available memory space, it seems it’s no longer a necessary mechanic since the gameplay programmers can now script more realistic actions to do during gameplay.

This was an interesting experiment, and I had a lot of fun meeting new game developers and game players, and hanging out with old friends for this project. Below is just some of the work I did with the experiment.

DEMO Gameplay

Character Concepts


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